See the Art Honoring Martin Scorsese at New York's Bold Hype Gallery

See the Art Honoring Martin Scorsese at New York's Bold Hype Gallery

Apr 26, 2013

Joshua Budich

It's been a great week for Martin Scorsese fans. They were busy pouring over the acclaimed director's commentary for Criterion's restored Richard III release; now we bring you several images from a Scorsese tribute exhibition organized by Spoke Art at New York's Bold Hype Gallery — where Marty popped by to make an appearance.

In case you missed it, check out these great images from a variety of artists, including Joshua Budich, Ibraheem Youssef, stencil wizard Epyon5. We're kind of obsessing over the Daniel Day-Lewis artwork inspired by Scorsese's historical drama Gangs of New York. Mustaches don't get much sexier than that. Enjoy this preview, then head to website Geek Art for more. To watch fantastic Scorsese commentary on Laurence Olivier's classic film, grab your copy of Richard III over here, and check out the below video.


Ibraheem Youssef


Joshua Budich


Alexander Iaccarino



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