See the Amusing Way Tom Hanks Supports His Son's Movie, Which Opened Opposite 'Bridge of Spies'

See the Amusing Way Tom Hanks Supports His Son's Movie, Which Opened Opposite 'Bridge of Spies'

Oct 19, 2015

Tom Hanks

It's natural for parents to be proud of their children, and to brag about their accomplishments. In Hollywood, of course, that natural pride sometimes takes a unique spin.

Case in point: Tom Hanks' new movie, Bridge of Spies, opened in more than 2,800 theaters this past Friday, to wide publicity. Hanks and director Steven Spielberg made promotional stops at many media outlets, eagerly talking about the historical thriller.

Meanwhile, Hanks' son Colin Hanks also saw a new movie open on Friday: All Things Must Pass. The younger Hanks had previously directed a short documentary, The Anti-Mascot, which screened on ESPN. But he tackled a more ambitious subject for his feature documentary debut, namely, the rise and fall of Tower Records, an iconic record store chain that began in Sacramento, California -- where Colin Hanks was born -- and eventually expanded worldwide, enjoying great success before tumbling into bankrupty and closing all its retail stores in 2006.

The documentary, some seven years in the making, enjoyed its world premiere at SXSW in Austin, Texas, this past March, and gained critical and popular acclaim. Shortly thereafter, the film was acquired for distribution.


Now, there's no way that proud poppa Tom Hanks was going to miss a chance to promote his son's film, and so the elder Hanks took to social media last week to bang the drum.




The latter prompted a good-natured response from his son, who let moviegoers know his preference:

As noted, Bridge of Spies is now playing wide at theaters throughout the U.S., while All Things Must Pass is playing at select theaters.

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