See an Amazing Theater That Uses 22 Screens to Show Panoramic Movies

See an Amazing Theater That Uses 22 Screens to Show Panoramic Movies

Apr 02, 2014


A Soviet panoramic cinema, the history of which stretches back to 1959, was recently spotlighted on blog English Russia — and it’s pretty incredible. A woman who works at the movie house shared some fascinating details about the cinema, which is home to 22 projectors and 22 screens that run simultaneously. From the website:

"Back in 1959, the movies were created with a special rig of synchronised cameras placed in circle. It makes me think of the modern Google maps camera rigs, which are placed on cars. As Irina says, the setup could be placed on top of a car, a boat or even a moving train, and could be controlled remotely. Sometime later, in 1965, the panoramic cinema was rebuilt. To reduce the costs, the twenty-two projector-camera setup was changed to eleven camera-projectors."

The cinema has its own soundtrack player, and you can see a photo of the numerous reels required to show a movie on this type of screen. It’s interesting to note that during its heyday, the theater was very popular and could host hundreds of visitors at once (300 officially, but that number was usually pushed to capacity), but there were no chairs in the viewing area. We find it hard to imagine anyone wanting to stand for a two-to-three-hour movie these days.

Visit English Russia for more photos of this impressive cinema relic. [via @emmafgreen]








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