See a Crazy Real-Life Version of the House from Pixar's 'Up'

See a Crazy Real-Life Version of the House from Pixar's 'Up'

Mar 24, 2014

Up House real life

Pixar’s Up remains one of my favorite films from the beloved animation studio. Like all of the company’s output, it’s more than just a kid’s cartoon – it has a lot of things to say that resonates with adult audiences, maybe even moreso than with children. There’s a ton of thematic content in the film about love, loss, growing old and growing up  – and more than a bit about sticking to your guns and chasing your dreams. Apparently, that message translates – almost literally – to the real world.

Website Inhabitat recently featured the home of 84-year-old Edith Macefield – a Seattle resident who turned down a million-dollar offer from real estate developers so they could demolish her home to build a shopping center. Macefield became a folk hero for her efforts, and the developers built the mall anyway – albeit around her house. It’s hard to look at the photos and not think of Carl and Ellie.

It remains to be seen if the 2006 story of Macefield’s fight to keep her home inspired Pixar’s film, but even if it didn’t it’s one more fascinating example of life and art colliding. Check out more pics at the link below.

[via Design Taxi]

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