Secret Lovers: Warner Bros. and Target Are in Bed with Disc Exclusives

Secret Lovers: Warner Bros. and Target Are in Bed with Disc Exclusives

Sep 25, 2009

At least one studio is having a secret love affair with retail giant Target—secret because it’s not well-publicized, not because the two got caught with their pants down doing something sneaky. Warner Bros. is offering several exclusives at the big red store sometimes months before other retailers. You still can’t feed them after midnight, but you can buy Gremlins on Blu-ray on September 29 only at Target (there isn’t even a release date for other stores). On the same day, Target will have a stripped-down DVD/Blu-ray combo of The Wizard of Oz in case you don’t want to spend the extra cash for all the swag included in the box set, including a watch and reproductions of old promotional materials. There are rumors that Warner Bros. will repeat this formula with a doodads-free Gone With the Wind DVD/Blu-ray combo on November 17, as well as an early Blu-ray debut of The Goonies on the same day. This corporate tango is good news for buyers who want their discs as soon as they possibly can, but it’s time to pull back the sheets on Warner Bros. and Target so shoppers can cop a deal.

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