Sean Connery's Final Film Debuts in a Measly Three Theaters

Sean Connery's Final Film Debuts in a Measly Three Theaters

Sep 03, 2013

Sean ConnerySean Connery “officially” retired from acting after finishing The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen back in 2003 – with various sources indicating it was because he didn’t really care for the roles he was being offered as he got older. However, the actor had one last project in the pipeline – a Scottish animated feature entitled Sir Billi the Vet. After seven long years in production, the film is finally getting an official release – if you can call playing three theaters in the U.K. before being shoved off to DVD a release.

The film, which finds Connery voicing an “eccentric skateboarding veterinarian who must face down villainous policeman and corrupt lairds in his hunt for Scotland's last beaver,” is Scotland’s first CGI animated feature. If early review buzz is any indication, it might also be the last.

Not so fast! Despite negative reviews, writer and producer Tessa Hartmann says there has been interest in a Sir Billi sequel.

“It's very, very early stages, and I was quite taken aback, but it's certainly not out of the realms of possibility, and if I could raise the finances I'd do it in a minute."

Whether Connery, who should be 100% retired now that this film is ready for release, returns remains to be seen. Whatever happens, it’s sort of sad to think that a screen legend of Connery’s stature will have a film that was released in three measly theaters as the last film on his impressive resume. It’s sort of like Donald Pleasence ending his career with Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. At least Connery can end on a better note – he’s still alive.

Check out a clip from Sir Billi the Vet below. It appears as though they were really going for the heart-wrenching Up-montage vibe here, but if you’re going to imitate, it’s always good to set your sights on something awesome.

[via The Guardian]




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