'Seal Wars' Trailer is Fascinating, Infuriating, Horrifying Stuff

'Seal Wars' Trailer is Fascinating, Infuriating, Horrifying Stuff

May 23, 2012

We generally just stick to feature films here at, well, Movies.com, but sometimes we have to bend the rules a bit. Like most kind-hearted and unselfish people, I am a true animal lover, and I have no problem admitting that The Cove (2009) is one of the most rewarding "animal documentaries" I've ever seen. We already know that whales, dolphins, seals, etc. are beautiful, majestic, fascinating animals, but The Cove was about how far MAN will go to defend the creatures they've exploited for so long. In my review of the film, I called The Cove "an act of heroism," and I meant it.

Now comes word of a similar new documentary called Seal Wars, and I was all set to write it up as a traditional trailer announcement. The only problem is that Seal Wars is not, in the strictest sense, a feature film. It's an hour-long documentary that will premiere on Animal Planet on June 8th. But why split hairs in the shadow of something much more important? Check out this trailer for Seal Wars and guess where I'll be sitting on June 8th. (In front of my TV, watching Animal Planet.)



For more on the Skeleton Coast seal slaughters, check out this report from Global Animal. In (very) related news, noted animal savior Captain Paul Watson, who features prominently in Seal Wars, was recently released on bail from a German jail.

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