Screen Legend Shirley Temple Dies at 85

Screen Legend Shirley Temple Dies at 85

Feb 11, 2014

Screen legend Shirley Temple Black peacefully passed away of natural causes late Monday night at the age of 85. Temple Black was one of the first child stars audiences completely fell in love with; a true Hollywood icon whose presence on-screen as a young child was so pure and comfortable that it's no wonder how she quickly became America's sweetheart. 

Most will remember Temple Back as the precocious curly haired child star who appeared in almost 40 movies, beginning at the age of three with a role in the 1932 drama Red Haired Alibi. Though she semiretired at the age of 22, Temple Black continued to make appearances on television and later moved to politics, where she was appointed the United States ambassador to Ghana and then later Czechoslovakia.

Perhaps her most notable and memorable (and adorable) movie moment came in the 1934 movie Bright Eyes, where she can be seen signing "On the Good Ship Lollipop." 

Temple Black was pure Americana through and through, and her image will forever remind us of the sweet, wholesome and patriotic values she brought to our lives, on-screen and off. 

Feel free to share your favorite Shirley Temple Black moments in the comments below. 



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