'Scream' Is Becoming a TV Show

'Scream' Is Becoming a TV Show

Apr 25, 2013

Horror is hot on television right now, and turning horror movies into television shows is especially hot right now. Following in the footsteps of its own Teen Wolf, and then Hannibal and Bates Motel, MTV is bringing the Scream franchise to its network for a new series tied to the four movies that first began with the Wes Craven-directed Scream. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Craven is in talks to direct the pilot, but it's not clear whether creator Kevin Williamson will return in some capacity as well. 

Scream is kind of a ballsy choice to bring to television. What can you say in a TV series that hasn't already been said in four movies? Is there a sort of mythology they can introduce that takes the series in another direction? Will they reveal an entire network of Ghostface characters full of weird ex-boyfriends and deranged family members? Will MTV make Scream sexier?

Can Scream be sexier?

We like the fact that mainstream television is investing more in the horror genre, and if these old franchises can find new life in interesting stories that expand upon and enhance what's come before, then more power to 'em. However, Scream lost its edge after part one, and so it'll take some work and fun ideas to dig the freshness out of this murder mystery. Expect to see what they come up with sometime in 2014.

Can Ghostface be scary again?


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