Here's How the 'Scream' Franchise May End and Also Continue at the Same Time

Here's How the 'Scream' Franchise May End and Also Continue at the Same Time

Oct 03, 2013

One of horror cinema's most beloved franchises has had an uncertain future, but new word from megaproducer Harvey Weinstein about the Scream series should ease the nerves of fans of the spooky spoof films. "Everyone lived in Scream 4. I'm begging him to do the movie and just end it. We've milked that cow," Weinstein said of brother Bob, who leads the genre arm of Dimension Films, regarding Scream 5.

There was a lot hinging on the release of Scream 4 for director Wes Craven, who intended to start a new trilogy. In 2011, we heard that Scream 5 was definitely a go, despite cocreator Kevin Williamson stating he was uninterested in furthering the story. 

Weinstein made the new statement during press rounds at the Zurich International Film Festival, where he also gave word about the Scream TV series, set to debut in 2014 (with Craven directing the pilot). Weinstein indicated that the series won't "have much to do with the original movie franchise," but would offer a new direction focused on the supernatural. Since most viewers will be watching the series to reunite with Ghostface, friends and the usual slasher shenanigans, we're not entirely sure how that will pan out. We're feeling shades of Halloween III and Friday the 13th: the Series — the first bombed (though it's a gem amongst hard-core genre fans), the latter became the second highest rated syndicated series in America when it debuted, right behind Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Speak up Scream junkies: are you cool with Scream 5 and the idea of this small-screen spin-off? 




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