Scientists Prepare Study to Determine if We're All Really Living in 'The Matrix'

Scientists Prepare Study to Determine if We're All Really Living in 'The Matrix'

Dec 14, 2012

Matrix stillHere’s a fascinating science story tied to The Matrix – and unless you’re really high already, it’s guaranteed to make your head hurt.

According to a Geekologie, a group of researchers at the University of Washington are running a series of tests and experiments to determine “if the entire universe is just a massive simulation program.” You know, sort of exactly like The Matrix.

According to the researchers, there are experiments that could be run to tell if we (humanity) are real, or just a Sims-esque experiment concocted by some bored game developer way off in the future.

The original article at website offers this insight into what the scientists are trying to do. Warning: Your head might explode after reading this. At the very least, you’re probably going to feel very dumb.

It will take many years to reach the computational power to give a real glimpse of whether we are living in a simulation, the scientists contend, but even by looking at the tiny portion of the universe that we can currently accurately model, it may be possible to detect 'signatures' of constraints on physical processes that could point to a simulation.

The researchers suggest that a signature could show up as a limitation in the energy of cosmic rays, for example.  By testing the behaviour of cosmic rays on underlying 'lattice' frameworks governing rules of physics that could exist in future models of the universe, the researchers could find patterns that could point to a simulation.”

Yeah, just try wrapping your head around all of that – then start thinking about this: if we’re really just simulations inside some supercomputer in the future, yet we feel and believe we’re real, does that mean the characters in the video games we currently play are also real? Have I unwittingly slaughtered an entire civilizations’ worth of people in Call of Duty? Does Master Chief see me as some monstrous god whispering in his ear to kill Covenant every time I boot up my Xbox? Are the Wachowksis really prophets who’ve somehow seen the future? Could we hack this thing from the inside? I might need to go lie down now…

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