The Schmoes Know Movie Show: Top 5 Time Travel Movies

The Schmoes Know Movie Show: Top 5 Time Travel Movies

May 25, 2012

Who are the Schmoes, and what exactly do they know?

The Schmoes are a couple of regular guys, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, who--like you--are the people for whom movies are made. They know movies, and will give you the straight scoop about 'em.  Each week, we're posting brand new video from the Schmoes that'll give their take on the new releases.

This week, the Men in Black and a host of wacky aliens return for Men in Black 3, only this time Agent J (Will Smith) has to travel back in time to save Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones) and avert catastrophe--so he goes to 1969, and meets the young Agent K (Josh Brolin) when he was a newbie on the force. So why shouldn't Mark and Kristian do a bit of time-traveling themselves and look at movies that have done it best? 

Watch, then don’t forget to check out all the Schmoes Know videos on their Youtube channel.



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