The Schmoes Know Movie Show: The Top 5 Movie Cars

The Schmoes Know Movie Show: The Top 5 Movie Cars

May 24, 2013

Who are the Schmoes, and what exactly do they know?

The Schmoes are a couple of regular guys, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, who--like you--are the people for whom movies are made. Each week, we're posting brand new video from the Schmoes that'll give their spin on a given movie topic.

Hot-cars-hot-women flicks could almost have their own genre—they've been around practically since movies began. Fast & Furious 6 is the latest to reach the big screen, reuniting Paul Walker and Vin Diesel as fugitives enlisted by a federal agent (Dwayne Johnson) to track a crew of killer mercenaries with serious driving skills. (Oh, whatever—we all know it's about ridiculous action scenes involving driving off freeway overpasses, Michelle Rodriguez and Gina Carano girl-fighting and, yeah, hot cars.) So this week, Kristian and Mark pay tribute to the greatest cars in movie history.

Watch, comment and don’t forget to check out all the Schmoes Know videos on their YouTube channel.


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