The Schmoes Know Movie Show: The Most Twisted Games in Movies

The Schmoes Know Movie Show: The Most Twisted Games in Movies

Mar 23, 2012

Who are the Schmoes, and what exactly do they know?

The Schmoes are a couple of regular guys, Kristian Harloff and Mark Ellis, who--like you--are the people for whom movies are made. They know movies, and will give you the straight scoop about 'em.  Each week, we're posting brand new video from the Schmoes that'll give their take on the new releases.

When it comes to motivation, character and plot, nothing makes better movie fodder than a good story about competition, which can bring out the best--and worst--in people. This weekend’s ticket-selling juggernaut The Hunger Games pits teens against each other in a violent televised match of strength, smarts and style, but not all movies about competition involve fighting to the death. This week, the Schmoes look at the top 5 most twisted games to play out on-screen. Let us know if you agree with their picks, and what are some of your own?

And don’t forget to check out all the Schmoes Know videos on their Youtube channel.

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