Who's Up for Some 'Scary Movie 5'? ...Anyone?

Who's Up for Some 'Scary Movie 5'? ...Anyone?

Aug 24, 2011

It would take three hours to cover all the writers, actors, and directors it has taken to grace the world with no less than four Scary Movie, um, movies. So let's not. All we need to remember is that each flick had about a .250 batting average on the laugh-O-meter, and the vast majority of those chuckles came from leading lady Anna Faris. (OK, James Woods has one hilarious moment in one of the generally forgettable sequels.)

So now comes word from Bloody Disgusting that the Weinstein / Dimension team is looking to have a Scary Movie 5 in theaters before next summer. Please try to control those cascading waves of ecstasy you're undoubtedly experiencing at this very moment. So far Dimension has hired three writers (two of whom penned the doubtlessly hilarious The Comebacks) but no word on actors, directors, or hilarious pop-culture-ized cameo appearances.

To be fair, though: the Scary Movie franchise is high art compared to most of the "Movie" movies we normally see. And by that I mean the unwatchable Epic, Date, and Disaster Movie(s). More on Dimension's unimpeachable contributions to cinematic culture as soon as it's available.

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