Lionsgate Vice Chairman Wants an Eighth 'Saw' Film, Pins Hope on 'The Hunger Games'

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Wants an Eighth 'Saw' Film, Pins Hope on 'The Hunger Games'

Dec 07, 2011

Bloody-Digusting, ever the Eye of Sauron as far as horror movie news goes, picked up on an appearance of Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns on CNBC talking about the current state of his studio, which has been stumbling financially for a few years now. Though hardly in fiscal turmoil, but there has been an ongoing struggle over the proper valuation of Lionsgate's stock, and now with talk that they may merge with another studio, the most likely candidate being Twilight powerhouse Summit Entertainment, Burns went on the financial TV network to talk about how the studio plans to reverse its declining box office position in 2012, which is where he casually mentioned that, "I'm sure, some day, you'll see Saw back in the picture."

Of course, this really isn't a surprise to anyone familiar with horror franchises. They rarely ever die, no matter if they title the last film The Final Chapter. Hell, the writers of Saw managed to figure out how to keep the franchise going for seven films already, and the villain that started it all died less than halfway through the series. Plus, keen-eyed Saw fans surely noticed Billy the Puppet (AKA the creepy clown puppet who rides the bicycle) drawn on the blackboard in James Wan's Insidious with an 8 below him. So there is no great shock that the company and its creators want it back in their portfolio.

What's also unsurprising about Burns' chat is that he's all about The Hunger Games. He does try to insist that you shouldn't buy or sell any studio's stock based on one film, which is a not-so-subtle way of saying "Hey, don't drop us if it bombs," but he's clearly pushing the film hard, to the point where he actually gives the host of the show a Hunger Games pin.

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