Watch: A Video Gallery of Saul Bass' Amazing Title Sequences

Watch: A Video Gallery of Saul Bass' Amazing Title Sequences

Mar 01, 2012

I was perusing the Twitter, as I ofen do, when I came across a girl (this girl, actually) who felt compelled to share a YouTube link. That link led me to the page of a user known only as "MovieTitles," and here's what s/he has to offer: tons of fantastic titles (or "opening credits seqeunces") from all sorts of classics films -- and at least 18 of them come from the (generally) undisputed King of the Title Cards: the late, great Saul Bass. Here's one you may recognize:

One of my personal favorites:

For some reason, Mr. Bass' credits sequence from Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas is not emeddable, darnit, so here's something totally weird from 1960:

And if you have a few more hours to spend on old movie titles, and you should, enjoy the Best of Bass right here.

Fascinating trivia: not only was Saul Bass an amazing artist in the movies, but he also designed dozens of company logos you'd know instantly. Don't believe me? Wikipedia backs me up on this.

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