See Saul Bass' Unused Posters for 'The Shining,' with Notes from Stanley Kubrick

See Saul Bass' Unused Posters for 'The Shining,' with Notes from Stanley Kubrick

Aug 08, 2014


Renowned designer Saul Bass — famous for his bold title sequences in films such as Psycho, The Man with the Golden Arm and North by Northwest — worked with one of the most meticulous directors in Hollywood leading up to one of 1980’s most iconic films. Bass partnered with Stanley Kubrick during the making of The Shining — about a family who ventures to an isolated hotel where strange, supernatural events take over.

The designer created the original poster for the horror film, giving it a pointillist edge and strikingly slanted text. But as most Kubrick fans know, the director often put collaborators through their paces, reportedly requesting dozens of takes for a single scene from his actors and more.

In Bass’ case, Kubrick didn’t just give the thumbs up to the first poster that landed on his desk. “Many of Bass’ concepts were rejected by Kubrick before settling on the final design,” Derek Kimball writes in a DesignBuddy post about the making of the image (spotted on Open Culture). What’s special about each of these rejected posters are the handwritten notes from Kubrick. It solidifies his reputation as an artist — an obsessive and detail-oriented one at that.








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