Watch How a Slasher-Movie Villain Spends His Downtime in 'Saturday the 14th'

Watch How a Slasher-Movie Villain Spends His Downtime in 'Saturday the 14th'

Mar 27, 2013

Saturday the 14th stillEveryone knows what infamous slasher-movie icon Jason Voorhees is up to on Friday the 13th – but what does he do on the following Saturday morning? That’s what animator Krystjan Lyngmo’s fun animated short Saturday the 14th  is all about.

Lyngmo’s nearly 90-second long clip features a killer who looks a lot like the killer at Camp Crystal Lake, but it turns out he’s actually named Mason instead of Jason, and he’s a lot thinner than Herr Voorhees. We suspect this was simply to avoid any potential copyright issues, because a killer wearing a hockey mask who comes home on Saturday the 14th is bound to be thought of as the star of the Friday the 13th films.

The clip slashes through horror movie cliches by showing that Mason likes to come home to his clean suburban home, eat a jam sandwich (we love the “hot girls are scary” message on the refrigerator…) and then settle in for a quiet evening. The short playfully makes fun of Mason’s difficulty in getting to his mouth behind the hockey mask, and ends with a funny riff on a slasher film standard.

We love the animation and the creativity – so here’s hoping we see more from Lyngmo in the not-too-distant future. Watch the short below and let us know if Saturday the 14th hacks its way into your heart.

[via io9]

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