Sandra Bullock Goes from Space to the Wild Tupperware Parties of the 1950s

Sandra Bullock Goes from Space to the Wild Tupperware Parties of the 1950s

Jul 21, 2014

The first social networking didn’t start online. It started at home Tupperware parties during the 1950s. Brownie Wise is the pioneering saleswoman behind the mid-20th century Tupperware Home Party craze. Basically, women invited their friends and neighbors over to their home for a shindig where they presented the latest Tupperware line — a set of popular storage and serving products. It was part social event, part sales presentation, and the marketing plan worked like gangbusters. You weren’t the ideal 1950s housewife unless you had a set of Tupperware. The company is still going strong today.

Now, Wise’s life is being adapted for the big screen. Sandra Bullock is set to star in the Sony film, while Tate Taylor (The Help, Get On Up) will produce and direct. Deadline reports:

The story will focus on Wise’s start and include the clashes that she had with the company founder Tupper that led to her leaving the company. Tupper had hired Wise at his company in 1951 but there was friction between them after she started getting so much public attention for her nationwide Tupperware parties. He later fired her after other companies showed an interest in buying him out. Apparently Tupper believed that having a woman executive would make the company less attractive to corporate suitors. As projected sales headed to $100M, he sold the company for $16M and gave Wise an insulting pittance of only $35,000.

Wise was the first woman ever featured on the cover of Business Week magazine. Can Bullock and Sony do justice to her incredible story?




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