Sandra Bullock Blindsided by Affair? Plus Corey Feldman Funeral Fail and Weird Viral Elm St. Promo

Sandra Bullock Blindsided by Affair? Plus Corey Feldman Funeral Fail and Weird Viral Elm St. Promo

Mar 18, 2010

Bullock’s Husband Cheats "Hey, congrats on that Best Actress Oscar! Oh, and by the way, I had an 11-month affair with a tattoo model (that job exists?) while you were off filming your Oscar-winning role." Talk about being blindsided – did Jesse James just pull a Tiger (Woods, that is), or is In Touch out of touch when it comes to trusting their sources? UPDATE: Yahoo reports Sandy's meeting with divorce lawyers after having moved out of their house and canceled a number of public appearances. Hopefully she's got an airtight prenup!

Corey Feldman: Funeral Ditcher The so-called "best friend" of Corey Haim somehow managed to build up the strength to go on Larry King the day his buddy died of an overdose, however he then bailed on attending the actual funeral – instead deciding to get some weird "222" tattoo. What’s the matter, Corey? No cameras available to catch you milking Haim’s coffin?

Summit Seeks Odd Breaking Dawn Directors Among them, according to Entertainment Weekly, are Sofia Coppola and Gus Van Sant … as if these Twilight films aren’t moody enough, now they want them to look like a cheap festival film that’s only worth it for the soundtrack and that obscure Jason Schwartzman cameo.

Mike Tyson Gives Us the Bird Proving there’s just about nothing left of his celebrity status, former boxer Mike Tyson will film a reality show for the Animal Planet in which he’ll showcase his love for pigeons and pigeon racing. Naturally PETA thinks it’s a bad idea, and we don’t know which is scarier: the art of pigeon racing or a Mike Tyson reality show about pigeon racing.

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes Split No doubt tired of watching his wife strip down in pretty much every single film she stars in, director Sam Mendes and Kate Winslet have called it quits after a 7-year marriage. Mendes had just recently directed Winslet in Revolutionary Road, in which her character offed herself while her marriage was in complete ruins. Um … foreshadowing, anyone?

Kill This Viral Movie Game In an effort to promote the upcoming Nightmare on Elm Street remake, a new viral game has arrived online in which you have to keep a bad actress awake long enough to survive the wrath of Freddy Krueger. Problem is, it’s so boring and monotonous that your first instinct is to not do anything and let the girl perish while you play solitaire and drink your fifth Diet Coke of the day.

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