The Big One Will Now Hit 'San Andreas' in 3D Thanks to 'The Conjuring' Writers

The Big One Will Now Hit 'San Andreas' in 3D Thanks to 'The Conjuring' Writers

Jul 19, 2013

Hollywood doesn't make small disaster movies anymore. You can blame the box office numbers for Roland Emmerich movies for that. The Day After Tomorrow and 2012 have destroyed the entire planet in such massive and monumental ways that they've practically recalibrated the disaster-movie genre for an entire generation. It's no longer cool to just have one disaster that affects one area. The stakes need to be the entire world.

Hopefully San Andreas 3D will change that.

Now written by Chad and Corey Hayes, San Andreas 3D will obviously be about the famous continental fault line that divides the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate that just so happens to run through a rather heavily populated portion of California. For decades people have been talking about what'll happen when "The Big One" hits, and there have been plenty of movies of all budgets that have tried to show it, but none have been particularly iconic (though 1974's Earthquake comes the closest).  

New Line plans to change that. The studio has been developing the film for a few years (and have already had several writers take a crack at it), but it's now gained new heat with the Hayes brothers and an idea about a man who must travel across California to rescue his daughter after the Big One hits.

This gives the Hayes brothers two projects in development for the studio, the first being The Conjuring 2.



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