The Best of Samuel L. Jackson's Hair in Movies

The Best of Samuel L. Jackson's Hair in Movies

Feb 13, 2015

Samuel L. Jackson seems both willing and eager to take risks when it comes to choosing roles. While he could hardly be mistaken for anyone else, he also rarely looks the same from one film to the next. His newest film, Kingsman: The Secret Service, for instance, finds him dressing like a teenager. Because of this tendency, Jackson’s career has featured some of the greatest hairstyles known to man.

Here are some of the best.


The Avengers

If Samuel L. Jackson has a signature hairstyle, this is it: no hair at all. You can’t really go wrong. Hair-loss issues don’t really matter when you look so cool without. Jackson also used this look as Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels, though he didn’t have such cool facial hair in those.


The Caveman’s Valentine

More than anything, you should probably watch The Caveman’s Valentine for the incredible performance Jackson gives as a homeless man who used to be a great composer. But if you need another reason, check out those amazing dreadlocks. They are seriously for real.


Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino always gets the best out of Samuel L. Jackson’s hair, but it never got better than this first outing for the pair. According to legend, Jackson was supposed to have an Afro in the film, but the P.A. sent to the wig store purchased a Jheri Curl wig instead. And just like that an instant iconic was created.



Jackson plays a pretty strange guy in M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, so it makes sense that his hair would be strange as well. This odd, asymmetrical puff cloud definitely gets the job done. How Bruce Willis didn’t automatically peg him as a villain, we’ll never know.



It’s unclear why Jackson’s Oldboy character needed a brightly colored Mohawk, but the movie is better for the bizarre hair choice. It doesn’t help him survive Josh Brolin’s rage or anything, but it certainly looks cool.



Jackson’s Jumper hair isn’t just grey. It looks like it’s been frosted with that white stuff they put on fake Christmas trees. His facial hair lacks this coloring issue, lending a curious discord to his character’s whole look.


The Spirit

Though he spends a lot of the film bald, Samuel L. Jackson’s look is all over the place when it comes to The Spirit. His absolute best hair-do, however, has to be this mutton-chop samurai thing. It’s wild, but he actually looks quite good in it.


Black Snake Moan

There’s something about this hairstyle that just screams “scary guy who lives in a tin shack,” which is just about right for this character, a blues player who kidnaps a nymphomaniac and ties her to a radiator until she rights her wrong ways. Black Snake Moan remains a woefully underrated Samuel L. Jackson movie with some woefully underrated Samuel L. Jackson hair.



Jackson stars in RoboCop as an opportunistic, sensational television personality, and he definitely has the hair to go with those traits. With a ‘do like that, he might even consider running for office. It’s just so nice and trustworthy!


The Negotiator

This somewhat forgotten film sticks close to the standards in most respects. It does, however, go off the rails a bit when it comes to Jackson’s hair. Why the filmmakers chose to go with that color will forever remain a mystery, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it was the wrong decision.




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