Samuel L. Jackson to Yell at 'The Blob' in New Remake

Samuel L. Jackson to Yell at 'The Blob' in New Remake

May 14, 2015

Samuel L. Jackson has been the first person cast in the new update of The Blob, and with this news comes our first sense of how the story will be updated for the modern age.

THR says Jackson will be playing a biochemistry professor who is trying to figure out how to stop the increasingly massive monster, but more importantly they've revealed this detail: The blob is "discovered deep within the earth."

In the original 1968 film, the purple people eater simply came from outer space via a meteorite. In the incredible 1988 version, the blob is a man-made organism that accidentally crashes to earth. But this new take turning the blob into something ancient means that there will probably be a bit of an environmental bend to the movie. After all, we know cold is what stops the blob, so it's not much of a leap to say that global warming is what frees the beast from its ancient, icy hibernation.

Con-Air director Simon West is the one taking on directing duties this time around. And considering this project now has a fall 2015 shooting date, expecting to see more casting soon and a likely 2016 release.

The real question is, what kind of booming Jackson character speech can we expect this time around? Is he going to be in full hero mode and actually save the day, like in Snakes on a Plane? Or will he bite the dust in all-time-great fashion, as in Deep Blue Sea? We're now surprisingly eager to find out.

Remember, nature can be lethal, but it doesn't hold a candle to man.





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