Watch Parents Blame Samuel L. Jackson for Everything, Plus: the Nick Fury Origin Story We Won't Ever See

Watch Parents Blame Samuel L. Jackson for Everything, Plus: the Nick Fury Origin Story We Won't Ever See

Sep 17, 2013

In an age where people blame movies, television shows and video games for just about everything that goes wrong in the world, this Funny or Die video -- in which a flurry of parents blame Samuel L. Jackson (and his movies) for the awful things that happened to their children -- says a lot about our need to blame everyone but ourselves when it comes to properly raising our kids, while also being, ya know, funny and stuff. Our favorite line: "My kid was attacked by a shark because he saw you in Deep Blue Sea!"

Sam Jackson's advice: "If my picture is on the poster, maybe your kid shouldn't watch it!" 


In other Samuel L. Jackson news, Marvel copresident Louis D'Esposito was recently interviewed by Screencrush regarding the future of the Marvel One-Shot short films that are featured on all the DVDs/Blu-rays for each Marvel movie that's released by Marvel Studios through Disney. The most recent one is Agent Carter, starring Hayley Atwell, reprising her role from Captain America: The First Avenger. You can find it on the Iron Man 3 disc. Meanwhile, as Marvel preps the short films for Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, D'Esposito did mention one idea they eventually scrapped, and it involved an origin story of sorts for Nick Fury, played by Jackson.

"We were developing a story about young Nick Fury going with Dum Dum Dugan to Wakanda, and they’re sitting on a plane and Dum Dum is sitting next to Nick Fury eating an orange, and the orange squirts him in the eye, and maybe that’s the reason he has an eye patch. Maybe that’s the start. It really burns, so maybe he put some tape on it," D’Esposito said, adding, "The story he doesn’t want to tell is that it happened because of Dum Dum’s orange. [Laughs] Obviously we shelved that."

It's probably a good thing they shelved that particular backstory since being blinded in one eye after a guy named Dum Dum squirts an orange in your direction is pretty much a guaranteed loss of all your badass cred. You dodged a bullet there, Fury. 





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