Watch: Samuel L. Jackson Can't Believe a News Anchor Thinks He's Laurence Fishburne

Watch: Samuel L. Jackson Can't Believe a News Anchor Thinks He's Laurence Fishburne

Feb 10, 2014

It's strange, but understandable, how often you hear celebrities telling stories about being mistaken for other celebrities. For example, Matt Damon occasionally signs autographs for Mark Wahlberg because people start screaming that name when they see him and he doesn't want to hurt their feelings. And while that mistake may be crazy for a movie geek to make, it's at least somewhat reasonable when a random person off the street thinks a super-famous person they've spotted looks like another super-famous person. However, it's absolutely inexcusable when an entertainment journalist gets it wrong, and that's why we feel no guilt whatsoever in sharing the below video of a news anchor mistaking Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

And we're not talking about someone from a public access station in a tiny state, either. This is Sam Rubin, an entertainment reporter for KTLA out of Los Angeles. He was given a live interview with Samuel L. Jackson to promote the RoboCop remake, and Rubin's first question was to ask about the Super Bowl ad he saw Jackson in. Apparently Samuel L. Jackson watches a lot of TV, though, and promptly rattled off a list of all the other famous black actors who do commercials that he may as well be in this guy's eyes.

It's a cringe-inducing moment for Rubin, no doubt, but we have to hand it to Jackson for not just offering an awkward smile and moving on. The Oscar-nominated actor let's Rubin have it, and it's kind of hilarious.

It's worth pointing out that Rubin did issue an apology, saying that he meant the Captain America: The Winter Soldier ad during the Super Bowl but totally deserved the response he got.





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