Will This Be Samuel L. Jackson's Nuttiest Movie Since 'Snakes on a Plane'?

Will This Be Samuel L. Jackson's Nuttiest Movie Since 'Snakes on a Plane'?

May 13, 2013

Samuel L. Jackson is often at his best when he's either playing a character for Quentin Tarantino or when he's starring in some crazy movie with an absurd plot. Snakes on a Plane may not have been the greatest action movie of all time, but it's a movie you loved talking about, and it's a Sam L. performance so bizonkers you can't help but leave it on when your boring Sunday afternoon needs a bit of an uplift. Same goes for his insanely ridiculous stint in The Spirit, or his strikingly devious role in Unbreakable. I have a feeling his next movie Oldboy is going to go over like gangbusters, and now Deadline reveals he's got something coming up that sounds too awesome not to write about.

It's called Big Game (though we're hoping the studio changes it to something like Wilderness President or Hail to the Chief Survivor), and the story tracks a shy teen who's sent into the woods for a night to learn how to be a man. It's there, however, that he discovers an escape pod with the president of the United States in it -- one that ejected out of Air Force One after it was attacked by terrorists. The shy teen then teams up with the president (played by Samuel L. Jackson, natch) and they have to survive and kill bad guys or something. 

I mean, c'mon! Just getting Sam L. to play the POTUS in a movie is something to look forward to, let alone a president who's dropped into the middle of the woods and forced to team up with a teenager to defeat terrorists. That's like the movie I dreamt about starring in when I was 13, only at some point I made out with Alyssa Milano too.

Jalmari Helander will make his English-language debut on Big Game, which is pretty cool since his previous movie (Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale) is dark, funny, creepy and just plain worth a watch. Definitely curious to see what he brings to his off-the-wall premise, though we do hope they have fun with it at the very least.


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