Sam Raimi Says 'World of Warcraft' Is Being Made Without Him

Sam Raimi Says 'World of Warcraft' Is Being Made Without Him

Jul 18, 2012

Sam Raimi was at Comic-Con last week to give the world its first glimpse of his version of the familiar Wizard of Oz with the James Franco-led Oz: The Great and Powerful. In an alternate timeline, though, last week Raimi was at Alternate Comic-Con to give an alternate universe its first glimpse at his big-screen World of Warcraft movie.

If you'll recall, the Evil Dead director was first attached to Blizzard's World of Warcraft back in 2009. News was silent beyond the initial break, however, and Raimi ended up directing Oz: The Great and Powerful first. But while that entered production, there were still no new developments on the WoW front, so it was a general assumption that Raimi was still attached to the film and it was just waiting for him.

Not so.

Raimi tells Crave Online that what actually happened was a stalemate. He had to choose to journey into either Oz or Azeroth and since he chose Oz, Blizzard, "had to move on to another director. They had to start making it."

And that's an interesting revelation, because Blizzard hasn't made a peep about the movie in all the time since then. The game developer is notorious about taking its time to do things, but the company is also pretty great about engaging the fan base and keeping them informed. So has someone else been toiling away on the movie all this time and we're actually closer than ever to learning more about it? Maybe.

Or maybe not. It's Blizzard. They do things on their own time table, so we'll see what happens. Until then, let the speculation of who should direct it begin. This fan's vote would go to Rupert Sanders, who absolutely crushed all of the fantasy elements of Snow White and the Huntsman. If someone can get him a better script, he could knock a large-scale fantasy out of the park.

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