Sam Raimi on Seeing the New 'Spider-Man' and Whether He'll Direct That 'Oz' Sequel

Sam Raimi on Seeing the New 'Spider-Man' and Whether He'll Direct That 'Oz' Sequel

Mar 08, 2013

While doing a tremendous amount of press for Oz the Great and Powerful this past month, Sam Raimi (who directed the original Spider-Man trilogy) revealed that some emotional baggage he'd been carrying around had prevented him from seeing Marc Webb's Spidey reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. Raimi, who's easily one of the more humble and respectful well-known Hollywood directors (he's also one of the few who still call it a "picture" in interviews), never seemed angry or upset about the reboot -- he just needed a little more space or time or a pep talk before watching it. 

Well, at some point between then and now, he finally watched The Amazing Spider-Man, telling Hey U Guys that he was more than happy with it. In fact, he "loved it." Raimi says, "It was very hard for me to see the new Spider-Man movie, I felt so attached to it, I couldn’t see Spider-Man with another director; it’s like my love, and I didn’t want to walk in on my love with someone else. It was just like that. Then I got over myself last week and said, 'just see the damn thing.' And I did, and I loved it. I actually felt free. I thought, why am I carrying around this baggage? Of course the next Spider-Man story should be told, and [Marc Webb] did a wonderful job telling that. I loved the movie, and I’m looking forward like a fan to the next installment. I love the comic book, and now I don’t feel bound, and I’m really glad somebody’s remaking it again." 

So now that he's moved on to greener (or shall we say yellow-bricked?) pastures, will Raimi attach himself to a new franchise since it was just revealed that Disney is moving ahead with a sequel to Oz the Great and Powerful? According to Raimi, his time in Oz is probably over. He notes, "I don’t really have a plan to direct the sequel. I’ve put into the picture one or two loose ends in case another director wants to make the picture. If Disney made a lot of money and the audience really wanted to see one then they would make one, but I was attracted to it because of the story of the growth of this human being, and I don’t think the second one would have the thing I would need to get me interested, but I couldn’t speak about what would take place in it." 

What do you think Raimi should do next?


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