Watch: 'Safe' Trailer Reveals Jason Statham as World's Most Badass Babysitter

Watch: 'Safe' Trailer Reveals Jason Statham as World's Most Badass Babysitter

Nov 11, 2011

Safe PosterDon't worry Jason Statham fans, your favorite action star hasn't pulled a Rock or Vin Diesel or Hulk Hogan and taken on an emasculating role as a tough guy suburban Mr. Nanny, but he is still basically a babysitter in his new movie. It's called Safe and finds the Crank star as a severely down-on-his-luck cage fighter (the Russian Mafia killed his family, bummer) who decides his new reason for living is saving a little girl who is being hunted by corrupt cops, a Chinese Triad gang and the Russian mob because she has a photographic memory.

Three gangs of bad guys and a package that needs protecting? Yep, that sounds exactly like a Jason Statham movie, so much so that we're pretty sure it would technically be illegal for anyone who isn't Statham to star in it. It's a decent enough trailer (though it should have ended on its funnier line instead of dragging things painfully out), but even though we love Statham around these parts, we're still cautiously holding out hope. After all, this is the first action movie written and directed by Boaz Yakin, who so far has only directed movies like Remember the Titans and Uptown Girls.

Safe, as you can tell by the poster to your right, was originally supposed to come out this past October 28th, but now it won't hit theaters until March 2, 2012.

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