Update: Movie News in 60 Seconds: Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From the Oscars

Update: Movie News in 60 Seconds: Sacha Baron Cohen Banned From the Oscars

Feb 22, 2012

The Dictator

Update: Deadline are reporting that the Academy has preemptively yanked Sacha Baron Cohen's tickets, lest he actually go through with this funny business. If he promises to not pull the stunt, they'll give him his tickets back.

The Dictator in Person: To bring an edge of unpredictability to the Academy Awards TV show -- and to promote his upcoming movie The Dictator -- Sacha Baron Cohen wants to attend the ceremony in costume (and character) as The Dictator. The Academy does not approve of “studio-specific film promotion” during the telecast, so it should be interesting to see if Cohen tries to follow through with his idea; he’s attending as a cast member of Martin Scorsese’s Oscar-nominated Hugo. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Terrorist Hunter Gets a Director: For the big-screen adaptation of Vince Flynn’s novel American Assassin, CBS Films has decided not to wait for Edward Zwick to become available, and has instead signed Jeffrey Nachmanoff to direct. Nachmanoff doesn’t have many credits to his name, but recently he directed two episodes of Showtime’s terrific Homeland series, so he sounds like a good fit for a thriller revolving around a terrorist-hunting CIA agent. CBS Films hopes it will be the first in a series; Flynn has written 12 books starring Agent Mitch Rapp. [Deadline]

Heads Will Roll: Young children in London were reportedly left “petrified” after trailers for The Devil Inside and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance were shown in error before a screening of animated family film Puss in Boots. A representative for the cinema apologized, explaining that the trailers were intended to be shown before a movie some of us know as “Kate in Boots,” AKA Underworld Awakening. [The Guardian]

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