RZA Takes a Trip with Genghis Khan into 'No Man's Land'

RZA Takes a Trip with Genghis Khan into 'No Man's Land'

Oct 30, 2012

RZA of Wu Tang ClanIt’s been said that the Wu-Tang Clan "ain’t nothin’ to eff with" – and mastermind producer/MC RZA is proving that as he stages a hostile takeover of Hollywood.

The musician turned actor is set to wow audiences with this Friday’s release of his directorial debut, the martial arts epic The Man with the Iron Fists, but that’s just the beginning for one of hip hop’s most revered icons.

Striking while the iron fists are hot, THR reports that RZA has now landed two additional directorial projects – a biopic based on the life of Genghis Khan and an action thriller named No Man’s Land.

The Khan picture has languished in development for years, originally conceived by John Milius. RZA will take over the feature – which is slated to shoot in China – and bring the tale of the 13th century Mongol leader to the big screen. No word on who might play Khan – but we can all but assure you that Mickey Rourke will not be the lead (Rourke was attached at one point in the project’s development). Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano played Khan in the 2007 film Mongol. Given RZA’s love of classic Asian action cinema, we suspect he’ll find someone more like Asano than Rourke to fill the lead role in this one. Filming on this project is slated to begin next year.

Meanwhile, No Man’s Land is an action film which is being compared to The Warriors – wherein a man steals a criminal’s diamond that turns out to be worth even more than anticipated. The film will follow his attempts to stay alive long enough to cash in the rock before the criminal’s men catch up with him.

No word on who might lead this project either – but given that Genghis Khan appears to be the priority, we suspect that RZA will have plenty of time to figure out the logistics of No Man’s Land. 

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