Ryan Murphy's Acting Elite Re-create Classic Fright Cinema in Retro Photo Shoot

Ryan Murphy's Acting Elite Re-create Classic Fright Cinema in Retro Photo Shoot

May 09, 2012

TV royal Ryan Murphy has been busy shaping the second season of his gothic soap opera American Horror Story, which is set to feature a new premise, location, and several returning players — most recently adding movie vet James Cromwell to the cast. Elle magazine wanted to help the scribe get in a grim mood, so they recently gave Murphy's stars from his biggest TV hits a cinematic makeover, re-creating his favorite fright films. 

Glee's Broadway hopeful Rachel Berry, played by star Lea Michele, got to wear a pinup-style bathing suit and snuggle up to the Creature from the Black Lagoon. "That movie was very primal and creepy — it’s about something coming from the earth. It really freaked me out as a kid. For me, it precedes Jaws' … 'Don’t go into the water,'" Murphy shared.

The writer also said he felt inspired by Italian horror, in particular Dario Argento's opus Suspiria, while working on American Horror Story, "because it’s not afraid to be sexual." Glee actress Naya Rivera re-created a scene from Argento's movie, complete with lurid lighting and bird sculpture. 

"The movie is all about artifice; it looks very backdropped and stagey, but quite beautiful," Murphy said about Hitchcock's The Birds. Glee fellow Jayma Mays became Tippi Hedren for her photo, and Murphy revealed that American Horror Story's Jessica Lange’s appearance was modeled after the famous actress.

Glee cheerleader Heather Morris channeled domestic delirium by wearing Catherine Deneuve's signature wave from Repulsion. Amerian Horror Story's sex and infidelity tale could have easily taken a page right out of Polanski's film centering on "sexual awakening, longing, and fear." 

See the rest of the photo shoot (with several non-Glee stars) on Elle.

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