Russian Billionaire Reveals 'Avatar'-Inspired Project to Let People Live Forever

Russian Billionaire Reveals 'Avatar'-Inspired Project to Let People Live Forever

May 13, 2013


Freddy Mercury and Queen once asked “who wants to live forever?” on the album A Kind of Magic (which is the unofficial soundtrack to Highlander) – and Russian billionaire Dmitry Itskov has apparently answered with "me."

In something that feels like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie – which is fitting, since it was inspired by James Cameron’s Avatar – Itskov has revealed an ambitious plan to transplant human minds into holographic and nanotech bodies by the year 2045. And you thought the Tupac hologram performance was amazing…

Billed as “The 2045 Initiative” and "The Avatar Project," Itskov’s movement hopes to bring about human immortality while creating a kind of utopia on Earth that changes the way mankind looks at life, death, religion and science. His foundation recently unveiled its timelines for making this new futuristic world a reality – and the changes are coming sooner than you think. The organization’s first goal is to upload a mind into a computer by 2015 – a time frame even Itskov finds to be a bit “optimistic.” That must mean the idea of transplanting human consciousness into a robotic body in 10 years is really optimistic…

We won't get into the full details of Itskov’s plan (you can check that out here), but it feels like the Russian might have taken his love of Avatar a step too far. That film featured human soldiers using mind control to put themselves inside alien bodies engaged in a war. While Itskov’s plan is slightly different (and has the lofty goal of not only allowing people to live forever, but also eliminating the need for war and strife…), it’s pretty clear that Cameron’s film was influential in his plan.

Hey, look, we get it – no one is looking forward to dying and anything that preserves our time among the living is worth investigating. Maybe Itskov will change life as we know it – or at least open a door so that some future generation can achieve the technological breakthroughs that allow us to live longer, fuller lives. That being said, we can’t help but think that this all would make an interesting foundation for a big budget sci-fi flick (and has already been used in anime films like Ghost in the Shell).

Check out the video presentation for the 2045 Initiative below and let us know if you’re ready to start shopping for you hologram body.

[via The Daily Mail]


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