Watch: Russell Crowe's Homemade UFO Video

Watch: Russell Crowe's Homemade UFO Video

Mar 07, 2013

If some wacko put a gun to our head and asked us to make a list of celebrities who we could see posting homemade videos of UFOs to YouTube, Russell Crowe would most certainly not be in the top 10. Conspiracy theorist and Star Trek writer Roberto Orci? That makes sense. James Franco? The guy does so much strange stuff in his free time we're surprised he hasn't already. But Russell Crowe? We'd expect him to throw a phone at a UFO before taking a video of it.

Yet here we are with a video Russel Crowe made of what he believes might just be a UFO. Strange world we live in.

Equally unexpected is that the Gladiator star only caught the unidentified flying object because he had set up a camera to take pictures of fruit bats. The riveting, secret lives of celebrities!

It's worth noting that a YouTube user has already debunked Crowe's video. Knowing where in Aulstralia Crowe lives and what direction his camera was facing, he surmised that the floating red object is most likely an artifact of a yacht passing in front of the camera during the time lapse.


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