'Runner, Runner' Trailer: Justin Timberlake Learns to Never Party with Ben Affleck

'Runner, Runner' Trailer: Justin Timberlake Learns to Never Party with Ben Affleck

Jun 06, 2013

What's the logical thing to do when you owe thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition and your school is about to kick you out? Play online poker, of course. That's what Justin Timberlake's character does in Runner, Runner, at least. And things are going great until he gets cheated at the last minute and loses everything. So what's the next logical thing to do? Hop on a plane and try to track down the guy who cheated you, of course.

That's the setup for Runner, Runner, the new film from The Lincoln Lawyer director Brad Furman. Ben Affleck plays the poker-cheating crook who denied Timberlake his hard-earned college education, though it turns out he's got a much more elaborate operation than just cheating at online poker. He admires Timberlake's initiative, though, and offers him a job. Bad things happen when you work for a bad man, though, and... well, we'd explain the rest but you might as well just watch the trailer instead. It seems to cover everything, though, so you may not even need to see the full movie once you're done.

There's just something about this trailer that feels like it's for a movie that would have been made in the late '90s or early '00s. That's not necessarily a knock -- Furman made those same sensibilities work to great effect in The Lincoln Lawyer -- just a curious observation. At the very least, it should be good to see Ben Affleck in over-the-top bad-guy mode, which isn't something he does very often.

Runner, Runner hits theaters on September 27, 2013.

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