Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Star Wars' TV, 'Ant-Man' Casting, and Tim Burton's New 'Beetlejuice'

Today's Big Movie Rumors: 'Star Wars' TV, 'Ant-Man' Casting, and Tim Burton's New 'Beetlejuice'

Oct 21, 2013

Tim BurtonDo you have a case of the Mondays getting you down? If so, maybe this trio of exciting new rumors will help you slog through the worst day of the week.
We've known for some time that a Beetlejuice sequel was in the works -- and when the story broke, one of the caveats of it happening involved director Tim Burton giving the project his blessing. Well, according to our friends the Schmoes Know, Burton has given the new project more than just his blessing -- he's also reportedly interested in returning to direct the installment. 
According to the unnamed studio source, Burton was considering dropping out of his new project Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, and some folks got the idea that the decision was motivated by his desire to return to one of his most successful films. As it turns out, there's apparently been some schedule shifting and now Burton could potentially direct both films.
While this is still just a rumor, we're intrigued by the idea of Burton (and potentially Michael Keaton) returning to the series. I've not been a big fan of Burton's recent output, but this is the title that could help him recapture the magic of his youth. What do you guys think? 
Next up, Marvel rumors...
Last week we heard plenty of buzz about Paul Rudd and Joseph Gordon-Levitt being in the running to headline Edgar Wright's Ant-Man (due in theaters in summer 2015), but since that news broke there's been another casting rumor floating about - this one concerning the title character's love interest.
Superhero Movie News reports that Rashida Jones is the top pick to play Janet Van Dyne aka the Wasp. Its source adds that the choice is motivated by her "chemistry with the other actors," presumably based on her work alongside Rudd in films like I Love You, Man and My Idiot Brother.
Honestly, I'd take this one with a deer lick-sized hunk of salt. We'll bring you the official casting as soon as it's revealed.
Finally, we can't do a rumor roundup without at least a mention of the new Star Wars movies -- and we close today with some interesting news that turned up at the European Brand Licensing Show late last week...
Attendees at the event were given a flyer that outlines plans for various Star Wars-related things coming in the not-too-distant future -- things like a release of the Lego games on mobile platforms and a confirmation that Episode VII is slated for 2015. However, buried beneath that was this little bombshell: 2014 will see the release of "Darth Vader-themed TV specials." Holy cow...
What might these specials be? No one knows yet -- so speculation is running wild. I'm excited for more Darth Vader, but let's keep our expectations in check -- Star Wars hasn't always done so well when transferred to the small screen. Remember the Star Wars Holiday Special? Yeah, me too. Cross your fingers and hope for the best with these new shows. [via Jedi News]



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