Today's Big Movie Rumors: The Rock Hints at DC Comic Role, 'Starship Troopers' Reboot and 'Agent Carter' Updates

Today's Big Movie Rumors: The Rock Hints at DC Comic Role, 'Starship Troopers' Reboot and 'Agent Carter' Updates

Jan 03, 2014

Starship Troopers

Now that the holidays are officially over, we can finally get back to business as usual – and part of our regular business around these parts is bringing you all the latest rumors making the rounds in the movie business. Today, we’ve got some good ones for you.

First up is the latest weird tidbit regarding a remake of Paul Verhoeven’s sorta cult classic Starship Troopers. Some of us here at have an irrational love for the Verhoeven adaptation of Robert Heinlein’s novel (I’m looking at you, Peter Hall), which, admittedly, does have a few good gore scenes going for it amongst all the over-the-top satire and janky acting. However, fans expecting a reboot to retain that same tone might be in for a surprise.

Early word had it that the new take on the material would feature less violence and comedy and be “tonally closer to something like Minority Report.” Now, we’ve got another movie to compare it to.

Movies contributor Scott Weinberg asked writer Zack Stentz about the remake on Twitter – and here’s what he had to say:

An Officer and a Gentleman with power armor… didn’t see that coming. [via Blastr]

Next up, we leave the ‘80s and remakes behind to talk about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s latest bombshell revelation.

Of all the actors who haven’t yet been cast in a superhero movie, Johnson is probably the most glaring omission. The professional wrestler turned thespian already has the physique of a comic book character, and he’s actually a pretty decent actor to boot.

We’d heard that Johnson was going to play DC Comics’ beloved antihero Lobo in a film, but that fell apart a while back. However, that didn’t signal the end of Johnson’s potential involvement with the comics giant – as he revealed on Tuesday.

When asked which hero or bad guy he might like to play during a Twitter Q&A session, Johnson dropped this bomb:

That cryptic teaser was all he’d say on the topic, but start speculating who Johnson might be playing now. [via]

Finally, we wrap up with another comic story – this one about long-rumored plans for Marvel’s Agent Carter character.

Marvel first revealed plans to maybe give the character her own series late last year after a short film included on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray resonated with fans. Now, according to British tabloid The Mirror, plans are moving full-speed ahead.

If the paper is to be believed (and it is a British tabloid, so my advice is to take all of this with a tanker truck full of salt), not only is Marvel moving ahead with the series, but it has already cast actress Hayley Atwell as the character – meaning she’d be reprising her role from the short.

The Mirror’s source says this is going to be a big-budget title and one of Marvel’s “major production of 2014.” Pardon me for being a bit skeptical.

Marvel’s already got a multi-series deal cooking over at Netflix, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has struggled to maintain its momentum after a strong start. None of this is to say that Marvel can’t or won’t make a series centered on Agent Carter – but making it the centerpiece of 2014 and a big-budget undertaking? That doesn’t really seem likely. Stranger things have happened with Marvel (I’d have laughed if you told me five years ago that Guardians of the Galaxy would be getting a big-budget film adaptation), but we’ll just have to wait and see what’s next for this project. [via Blastr]

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