Rough Cuts: Lindsay Lohan May Join the Mob and More

Rough Cuts: Lindsay Lohan May Join the Mob and More

Apr 08, 2011

Too busy to spend hours scanning your RSS feeds in search of seedy celeb-related content while you scarf down that pint of chocolate chip ice cream and lounge in your underwear with The Real Housewives of New York on in the background? Let me help!

-- John Travolta will be playing John Gotti in an upcoming biopic on the former mob boss, and now there's news that producers want Long Island native Lindsay Lohan to play Gotti's loudmouth daughter Victoria. Too bad it'll cost more to insure Lohan than the film will make at the box office, but one can dream, right?

-- People still won't shut up about the Oscars -- specifically the performance (or lack thereof) of hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. Hathaway, while out promoting Rio, told the Today show that hearing all the harsh criticism afterwards was "tough," and when asked if she'd host again, Hathaway responded, "Why not? I don’t know. Maybe. Perhaps. No.” Talk about reliving the horrible experience in one sentence.

-- You think that's bad, well, people are still giving Ricky Gervais crap over his Golden Globes hosting performance, which included the British comedian ragging on many of the celebs in attendance. Once of the harshest jokes, which came at the expense of Tim Allen, is still causing the man some grief. Gervais told Rolling Stone, "Tim Allen might have been taken aback by it and, if so, I'm sorry, but I won't apologies for the joke. The joke is justified. I had no bad intentions."

-- After it took roughly seven years to for people to stop calling Dwayne Johnson by his pro wrestling nickname "The Rock," guess who's decided to return to wrestling? Yup. The Tooth Fairy star says, "I wanted to do something special for the fans. I'm very close with Vince McMahon, who's president of the WWE. We wanted to create something historic. What is historic? The Rock coming back and kicking a** all over the place... It's gonna be good, I cant wait."

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