'Rosewater' Trailer: Jon Stewart's Directorial Debut Gets Emotional

'Rosewater' Trailer: Jon Stewart's Directorial Debut Gets Emotional

Aug 28, 2014

Last year Jon Stewart took a three-month break from hosting The Daily Show to travel to Jordan and film his directorial debut (John Oliver hosted it for two of those three months). Now a year later we have a trailer for the fruits of his labor. It's called Rosewater and it looks precisely like the kind of celebration of human endurance and journalistic integrity that you'd expect from the man behind The Daily Show.

Adapted from the memoir Then They Came for Me, Rosewater is the unfortunate true story of a London journalist (played by Gael Garcia Bernal) who ended up being held prisoner in Iran for nearly half a year for his public scrutiny of the nation's recent presidential election. And if that weren't bad enough, Maziar Bahari's detention was particularly grim as he spent five months of it in a notorious prison undergoing harsh interrogation tactics.

Rosewater will be screening this weekend at the Telluride Film Festival. After that it heads to the Toronto International Film Festival before hitting theaters on November 7, 2014.

So what do you think? Is Jon Stewart as gifted behind the camera as he is in front of it?




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