Ron Perlman Dresses Up for ‘Frankie Go Boom’ Clip; Johnny Depp Checking Into Wes Anderson’s ‘Budapest Hotel’

Ron Perlman Dresses Up for ‘Frankie Go Boom’ Clip; Johnny Depp Checking Into Wes Anderson’s ‘Budapest Hotel’

Jul 17, 2012

Dark Shadows

Euro Depp: We heard last week that director Wes Anderson had approached Johnny Depp, among others, to appear in his next movie, and now it’s been confirmed that Depp will star in The Grand Budapest Hotel. Depp (above, in Dark Shadows, as another character from Eastern Europe) will probably make this his next project, after he finishes The Lone Ranger. It remains to be seen who else of Anderson's most coveted -- including Bill Murray -- will appear in the ensemble film. [Twitch / Deadline]

Magic Writer: A new screenwriter has been hired to work on a Harry Houdini-themed thriller. Chris Fedak, who cocreated the action/comedy TV series Chuck, will try to work his magic on the premise, which follows a high school kid who “discovers a family secret leading back to the legendary illusionist” and then must race against the clock to uncover an even greater secret. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Stalking a Fairy Tale: This year we had dueling Snow White movies, and if super-producer Neal Moritz has his way, we’ll have dueling Sleeping Beauty flicks in 2014. Angelina Jolie’s Malificent, a live-action update of Disney’s animated classic is already in production; Moritz wants to make a comic version set in the modern day, in which the sleeping beauty is awakened and then begins stalking her Prince Charming. [Heat Vision]

Perlman as Phyllis: You’ve never seen Hellboy like this. Ron Perlman dresses up nicely for his appearance in a new (NSFW) clip from Frankie Go Boom, which stars Charlie Hunnam (as Frankie) and Chris O’Dowd (as his brother), plus Lizzy Caplan and Whitney Cummings; it’s due out in October. [Film School Rejects]

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