Hollywood is Poaching Movie Ideas Off of Reddit Now

Hollywood is Poaching Movie Ideas Off of Reddit Now

Oct 14, 2011

Head to Reddit and you can find a lot of strange things. Instructions on how to build elaborate coffee tables, live-updates on the Occupy Wall Street movement, a loveable obsession with Pedobear, interviews that connect famous people with their fans, and now apparently you can also find a movie deal. That's right, the Internet's most popular gathering of high-minded jackals (seriously, if the Reddit community existed in a movie, it would look a lot like the cantina in Mos Eisley) has now set the scary precedent of being a place movie producers scout for talent.

I say that not because it's frightening that anyone in Hollywood would poach talent from what is essentially a glorified Internet message board, but because I too am a Reddit user and I've seen people say things on that website that will make an important blood vessel in your brain try to strangle itself. Producers trolling its submissions looking for movie ideas is actually kind of cool, but if they wind up in the wrong sub-reddit, things could get freaky real quick.

As for the movie in question, it's called Rome, Sweet Rome and the idea for it actually came about when Reddit user Prufrock451 responded to this question: "Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus if I traveled back in time with a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion or MEU?" Turns out Prufrock451 is two-time Jeopardy winner James Erwin. He knows a thing or two about ancient Rome, so he decided to have fun with the answer in a series of posts outlining what would happen day by day. A producer by the name of Adam Kolbrenner saw the post and contacted the user about a movie deal.

One month later and Variety is reporting that Warner Bros.' has purchased the rights to Rome, Sweet Rome. There's no director attached, but Erwin, who is also an author in his own right, will be taking a crack at the script. There's no timeline for when the film will really start gearing up production, but even if it never ends up happening, we tip our hat to Erwin and Mashouse Entertainment's Kolbrenner for knowing a fun idea when they see one, no matter where it is they happen to see it.

As for Profrock451... a movie deal and all that sweet, sweet, Reddit karma? What a bastard.

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