Roman Polanski Apologizes in New Documentary Screened in Zurich

Roman Polanski Apologizes in New Documentary Screened in Zurich

Sep 28, 2011


The New York Film Festival will open with Roman Polanski's newest film, Carnage, this Friday — based on the play God of Carnage, about two families who reach out to each other after their children have a fight. Yesterday, another Polanski film was screened, this one at the Zurich Film Festival, and the director found himself the subject. Two years ago, the Polish-French filmmaker was set to receive a lifetime achievement award, but was arrested by Swiss authorities and put under house arrest. The sentence, of course, relates to the scandal that happened in 1978 when Polanski plead guilty for a sex crime he committed with a 13-year-old girl.
Polanski finally received his award last night, and after, his documentary — which had been kept tightly under wraps until that moment — Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir was screened to audiences. He shot the footage with director Laurent Bouzereau during his house arrest in Switzerland and in it shares his version of the events, which also includes commentary about his extradition trial. "She is a double victim: my victim, and a victim of the press," Polanski says in the film, apologizing to victim Samantha Reimer.
Will you watch the documentary when (and if?) it becomes available, or would you rather focus on Polanski's feature films and not his private life? 
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