Roland Emmerich Buys Script for Alien-Invasion Flick 'Emergence'

Roland Emmerich Buys Script for Alien-Invasion Flick 'Emergence'

Jun 07, 2013

Roland EmmerichIndependence Day and The Day After Tomorrow filmmaker Roland Emmerich is eyeing his next big sci-fi extravaganza – the filmmaker’s production company has just bought the script for contemporary science fiction film Emergence. Plans are for Emmerich to direct.

Deadline reports the script is a “new take on the alien-invasion story containing hot-button science elements.” Okay – that doesn’t tell us a whole lot. However, given Emmerich’s past projects, we can pretty safely guess this will be a big-budget feature filled with lavish special effects. Studios, clear a summer release slot and open your pocketbooks now.

Emmerich’s films have been the epitome of “popcorn entertainment”, but they play well in the global market (his “disaster porn” transcends language barriers well) and they’re appealing to a Hollywood system that’s interested in not only finding new material, but looking for the next big tentpole picture to anchor its summer release schedule. This is like the perfect storm – the right filmmaker with the right project at the right time.

Of course, that last part isn’t etched in stone yet. Emmerich has other projects further along in development (Singularity and his adaptation of Asimov’s Foundation), plus there’s still a lot of buzz surrounding an Independence Day sequel. He could do any (or all) of these projects before doing anything with Emergence. Only time will tell.

That being said, how do you feel about this news? Are you ready for Emmerich to tackle another alien-invasion story or would you just prefer he work on that oft-discussed Independence Day follow-up? 


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