Here's Your First Look at the Most Adorably Badass Movie-Related Toy of 2014

Here's Your First Look at the Most Adorably Badass Movie-Related Toy of 2014

Oct 11, 2013

We're not very far away from 2014 at this point, which means many of the toys we're beginning to see pop up at various comic conventions around the world are related to big movies arriving in theaters next year. Sure you've got your Captain America stuff, Spider-Man whatnots and Transformers whatchamacallits, but our money is on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy being the big toy movie of 2014. And which character will be leading the toy charge when it comes to Marvel's risky but awesome-looking space adventure?

Oh, just a little guy named Rocket Raccoon, who you'll see here in one specific plush exclusive during what you might say is his big "coming out" party at this year's New York Comic-Con. 

Rocket Raccoon is no stranger to fans of Marvel and of its Guardians of the Galaxy comics, but the tiny, machine gun-wielding badass (who will be voiced by Bradley Cooper in the upcoming live-action movie) will find a whole new audience in 2014 when he makes his big-screen debut on August 1. 

And when he does finally hit theaters with all the power of Disney's marketing blitz behind him, Rocket Raccoon might just turn out to be the most versatile selling tool of all the Marvel movies so far. He's cute enough for your kid to want to snuggle with at night, but his nerd cred will make him a valuable asset to geeky teens and adults, as well as an adorable badass quality that will directly appeal to females who may have stayed away from the various Marvel product up until this point (we don't exactly see the Pepper Potts figures flying off shelves).

Add to that the fact that advanced buzz pegs Rocket as being the heart and soul of the movie, and you have a character who might just become more popular than Tony Stark/Iron Man. Okay, okay, we won't get that far ahead of ourselves yet, but c'mon -- who wouldn't want to own that plush doll? I'll take 70 of them, please. 

Those interested in picking up a Rocket Raccoon doll can do so at the Marvel booth at New York Comic-Con this weekend, though with only 1,000 to sell, don't expect this guy to stick around for too long.




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