The Rock Returns to Wrestling in 'Fighting With My Family' Trailer; Here's Everything We Know

The Rock Returns to Wrestling in 'Fighting With My Family' Trailer; Here's Everything We Know

Nov 14, 2018

Fighting With My Family

Dwayne Johnson returns to the WWE ring every now and then, but he's mostly considered a movie star these days. But he's combining both worlds next year with the biographical comedy Fighting With My Family. The movie will feature Johnson playing himself in support of the story of the Bevis family of wrestlers. 

While Johnson, aka "The Rock," is not the star of Fighting With My Family, he is one of its producers and appears prominently in the first trailer, which made its debut online today. Watch that new spot down below after learning everything we know about the upcoming movie.

Who are the Bevises? 

The Bevis clan, consisting of dad Patrick (aka "Rowdy" Rick Knight), mom Julia (aka "Sweet Saraya"), Zak (aka "Zodiac") and Saraya (aka "Paige"), are a family of wrestlers from England who began the organization World Association of Wrestling in 1994. Both of the younger Bevises were invited to come to America and audition for WWE but only Saraya was offered a contract.

Does the movie follow their whole lives?

Fighting With My Family, which is based on a nonfiction book by Max Fisher, follows the Bevises at least from the time that Zak and Saraya were younger and growing up watching wrestling on television. The main plot, though, seems to deal with Saraya signing to WWE and the drama that caused with her brother when he didn't make the cut. 

Who is starring in the movie?

The Bevises will be portrayed by Nick Frost (Shaun of the Dead) as "Rowdy" Rick, Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) as "Sweet Saraya," Jack Lowden (Dunkirk) as Zak and, in the lead, Florence Pugh (Outlaw King) as "Paige." The cast will also include Vince Vaughn as a WWE recruiter. 

As mentioned, Dwayne Johnson will play himself, and other fellow real-life WWE wrestlers will join him on screen, including Paul Wight, aka "Big Show," and Thea Trinidad, aka "Zelina Vega," who will portray former wrestler AJ Lee. 

Who is directing the movie?

Stephen Merchant, best known here as one of the creators of the TV series The Office, wrote the screenplay and is directing the movie in addition to co-starring in a supporting role. 

When does the movie come out?

MGM will release Fighting With My Family in limited release on February 14, 2019. The movie will then go wider on February 22, 2019. 

Watch a trailer for the movie:

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