Update: The Rock Is Ready to Play 'Lobo'

Update: The Rock Is Ready to Play 'Lobo'

Jul 16, 2012

Update: What was once a rumor from an "unknown, untested source" has proven true. The Rock has confirmed that he's in talks with the producer and director of Lobo to star in the film.


Here's the previous story:

If you haven’t had enough superhero news for one day, you’re in luck – because we’ve got more!

Lobo, the interstellar mercenary/bounty hunter/biker, is probably not the first name that springs to mind when it comes to comic book film adaptations. He’s not your typical hero – he’s violent, selfish, and more than a bit crass – but plans are indeed afoot to bring him to the big screen. Rumors have even begun to circulate that the production has a star in mind…

Bleeding Cool reports that an “unknown, untested source” contacted them recently to say that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was at a Hollywood party bragging that he would play the character in a film version. While this is a completely unsubstantiated rumor at this point, there may be something to it – a Twitter user recently commented that she wanted to see Johnson in a DC superhero film. His response? “Funny U say that…”

So, maybe Johnson is up for Lobo – but until we get something more concrete, we’d advise filing this one under rumor.

While chasing down details on that rumor, Bleeding Cool managed to unearth some other comic news – this time involving the upcoming Thor 2.

We know the sequel will see the return of Loki and explore the Nine Worlds, but the site’s source reveals that another big character may be joining the action: The Enchantress.

The character has been both a nemesis and potential love interest for Thor in the comics, and seems likely to play those same parts in the sequel as well. Imagine the tension she could bring as both an antagonist and a possible romantic threat for Thor and Jane and it all starts to make sense. Add in the fact that she’d almost assuredly bring along the Executioner – her hulking bodyguard who’s essentially an equal to the God of Thunder – and this seems like a great idea.

While it’s still a rumor, Bleeding Cool trusts their source on this one and says that it’s possible that Marvel is already considering actresses for the part. We’ll have to wait for more confirmation before getting too excited, but if this pans out Thor 2 is heading in an interesting direction. 

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