Robot Bruce Willis has an awesome wig. Plus, lots of Basterds clips

Robot Bruce Willis has an awesome wig. Plus, lots of Basterds clips

May 22, 2009

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    Aye, Robot! You know a trailer’s so-bad-it’s-good when Bruce Willis’ wig is the least funny thing in it. So many hilarious robots! So much sci-fi stupidity! So much expository voiceover! Instant midnight movie classic.
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    Quentin Tarantino Wants You to Know That He’s in France and You’re Not Some clips are up, with QT doing some pretention intros from Cannes, and they’re about as tepid as Basterds’ reviews. But I’ll still go, because Brad Pitt is on my list of Actors Whose Movies Must Be Watched No Matter What. Other actors on that list: Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington and Leonardo DiCaprio.
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    Swingers + Singles – Laughs = Swingles If you know me, you know that I have carried a simmering disdain for Zach Braff for a long time. The title of his new movie is gonna bring it to a boil. Speaking of idiotic titles, how come nobody’s greenlit a movie called Sexting yet?
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    Look, It’s That Kid From Slumdog in the New M. Night Shyamalan Movie First pics are online. I’m trying to think of a stupid pun, but all I got is “Who wants to be, a bender of air!” Which is really just embarrassing.
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    Out With the Old, In With the New Moon? Harry Potter is somehow now an underdog this summer. I don’t know why, but people have seemingly forgotten how awesome this series is. Watch this featurette and tell me Half-Blood isn’t going to be a bajillion times better than Twilight.
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