'RoboCop' Trailer: Detroit Has a New Hero and He Looks Kind of Cool, Kind of Lame

'RoboCop' Trailer: Detroit Has a New Hero and He Looks Kind of Cool, Kind of Lame

Sep 05, 2013

RoboCop is the kind of remake that is, no matter who is involved, always going to be fighting an uphill battle. Fans automatically scoffed at the early images that hit online, both officially and unofficially. Plus the film got bounced around on Sony's schedule, which isn't exactly an encouraging sign. But now the first trailer has hit online, and the verdict is... still out.

It's not that this new RoboCop looks exceptionally bad. It's not that Joel Kinnaman makes for a bad Alex Murphy. It's not the effects, or the supporting cast, or any one thing in particular. This just isn't a particularly great piece of marketing.

It's as though it's cut together with an, "Okay, we know you didn't want a remake, but we're giving it to you anyway so we're just going to gloss over all the basics this first time out." You get to see the suit, and it's actually a pretty great piece of design that's both tribute and modernization. But then there's a glib explanation of why they're going to remake the suit within the remake, and then the new ED-209 and so on and so, but unfortunately we still don't really have a clear look at what the movie is going to be about and what will really separate it from Paul Verhoeven's undeniable classic. We just know it's going to be about a cop who gets turned into a robot and has to kill criminals.

So, for now, we're reserving judgment a bit. After all, people laughed at the idea of the first RoboCop back in the '80s, so maybe this too will be a pleasant surprise.

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