This One Celebrity Topped Google's Annual List of Most Searched Terms

This One Celebrity Topped Google's Annual List of Most Searched Terms

Dec 17, 2014

Robin Williams

We lost a lot of talented people in 2014, but few deaths had quite the same impact as the untimely passing of comedian Robin Williams. When Williams committed suicide this past August, it felt as though the whole world went into a state of mourning – and that’s not just hyperbole. Google has released its annual Year in Search results, and Williams is at the top of the list. In fact, he was the only celebrity in its top 10.

What’s really interesting about Williams topping the chart is that the results weren’t just related to his passing. Google reports that there was also an uptick in searches related to mental health and depression topics after Williams’ death, too – maybe the one silver lining in the dark cloud surrounding his demise. With mental illness and depression still largely stigmatized in America, maybe Williams’ suicide helped some other folks reach out for help, or be more understanding of the suffering of their fellow humans.

The rest of the list features all the hot topics you’d expect – the disappearance of flight MH370, Ebola, ice-bucket fueled ALS challenge and the Sochi Olympics. Hollywood even made another appearance on the top 10, with Frozen taking the nine spot on the chart.

Relive the year that was in popular searches by checking out this video Google put together to help us remember 2014 before it gives way to a new year in a few short weeks. 




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